The policies of the National Association of Emergency and Officials (NAEFO) are the principles, rules, and guidelines adopted to fulfill its long-term goals as well as influence and determine major decisions and activities taken by NAEFO's membership and officials.

Policy 1 - Governance of Policies

Policy 2 - Procedure for Amending Bylaws (click here to find out more about the Bylaws)

Policy 3 - Partnerships and Agreements

Policy 4 - Credentials

Policy 5 - Committee Chairs and Members and Authority of Committees (click here) to meet the Committee Chairs!)

Policy 6 - Protection of Records

Policy 7 - Check Approval and Signing

Policy 8 - Event Cancellation

Policy 9 - Sponsorship Guidelines (click here to see the NAEFO Sponsors!)

Policy 10 - Membership Dues (click here to join NAEFO!)