The mission or purpose of the National Association of Emergency and Fire Officials (NAEFO) is to represent and inform officials of emergency services organizations of national issues and provide assistance to state associations of organizations providing emergency services.  There are over 6,000 local government districts in the United States of America providing emergency services.

State Association Membership Services 

  • National Issues – NAEFO assists in advocating emergency services issues at the national level.
  • Conferences and webinars – NAEFO provides opportunities for members nation-wide to meet and discuss various issues of regional and national importance. Relevant educational programs are offered to conference and webinar participants.
  • Board of Directors – The NAEFO Board of Directors consists of representatives of individual members and member state associations of districts providing emergency services. Directors representing individual members are elected at the annual membership meeting. The Board meets quarterly via video conference and from  various locations.
  • Committees – A number of committees have been created by NAEFO to involve state and individual members in the effectiveness of NAEFO. State members play a crucial role in the future direction of NAEFO.
  • E-Mail – Important and urgent emergency services information for districts is provided to state members to deliver to its members in a timely manner.
  • Web Site – An informative, up-to-date web site keeps all members current on federal issues and events.

14 States with State Associations of Districts Providing Emergency Services (numbers in parenthesis after the state name indicate the unverified number of districts providing emergency services according the U.S. Census Bureau; associations with an asterisk [*] are NAEFO State Members)

Arizona (151):  Arizona Fire District Association

California (357):  Fire District Association of California

Colorado (261):  Special Districts Association of Colorado

Florida (54):  Florida Association of Special Districts

Idaho (156):  Idaho State Fire Commissioners' Association

Illinois (838):  Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts

Missouri (401):  Ambulance District Association of Missouri; Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts*; Missouri Association of Career Fire Protection Districts

Montana (214):  Montana Fire Trustees Association*

New Jersey (183):  New Jersey State Association of Fire Districts

New York (885):  Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York

Oregon (265):  Oregon Fire District Directors Association*

Texas (267):  State Association of Fire and Emergency Districts (SAFE-D)*

Utah (12):  Utah Association of Special Districts

Washington (368):  Washington Fire Commissioners Association*

28 States with a District or Districts Providing Emergency Services without State Associations of Districts (numbers in parenthesis after the state name indicate the unverified number of districts providing emergency services according the U.S. Census Bureau)

Alabama (13)                  Michigan (24)                      Oklahoma (27)

Arkansas (73)                  Minnesota (9)                      Rhode Island (310

Connecticut (65)             Mississippi (30)                    South Carolina (64)

Georgia                            Nebraska (413)                    South Dakota (80)

Indiana                            Nevada (15)                          Tennessee

Iowa (60)                         New Hampshire (14)           Vermont (16)

Kansas                             New Mexico                         West Virginia

Kentucky (151)                North Carolina                    Wyoming

Louisiana                          North Dakota (275)

Massachusetts (11)         Ohio (116)

8 States without Districts Providing Emergency Services

Alaska                              Maryland

Delaware                         Pennsylvania (legislation proposed)

Hawaii                              Virginia

Maine                               Wisconsin